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Fluctuations in currency markets can potentially result in significant financial losses for companies, often eating away at profit margins through their impact on different business costs. For example, ordering products or services in another country on a certain date will be at a certain price level, but delivery and payment for those products and services may be several months later, when the exchange rate has moved.

Take a look at our range of forecasts, industry insights and reports below:

Business Insights

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Insights: Fashion Business

Fashion Business

Read some insights from experts in the fashion industry, including Adam Mansell, UKFT’s CEO, and Simon Carter.

Insights: Aviation Business

Aviation Business

Read the views of aviation industry leaders, such as AJW, Hangar8, The Jet Business and Vertis.

Insights: Business Growth

Business Growth

Features successful business owners and business growth experts, including UKTI and GrowthAccelerator.


Insights: Film and TV

Film & TV Business

Shining the spotlight on film and TV business experts, including Andrew Bishop from Darkside Studios and William Page from FilmDoo.


Currency Forecasts and Reports

Quarterly Forecasts

Latest Quarterly Forecasts

Read about how Brexit, Trump and European elections could impact currency exchange.

2016 Annual Forecasts

2017 Annual Forecasts

Analysis and forecasts for the major currency pairings and the economies of the corresponding countries.

Treasury Management Report

Treasury Management

A guide through the minefield of import and export finance products and the difficulties of obtaining finance.

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